How can you install the 1XBet mobile app on Android?

1XBet is a relatively new online betting website that offers a wide range of advanced services with unmatched advantages. It is widely famous among the Internet community and spread over more than 50 countries. This online betting site is officially started in Russia and gains its popularity in the betting market with the advertisement campaign.

With the coming of advanced technology and cheap Internet connectivity, people are now more engaging in online betting sites. However, people can’t play all along or sit in front of their desktop or a computer to satisfied he’s or her craving for online betting. Therefore, the 1XBet online gambling site comes with its mobile version. In the next segment, we will explain to you how you can install 1xBet app for Android smartphones.

It sounds simple, as everybody knows how to install a particular app on a smartphone. However, in reality, the Google Play store does not allow you to download betting applications directly on your Android smartphones. So all online betting sites come with a .apk file. You can easily find .apk files on their official website from where you can download them to your Mobile Phones. Here the challenge arises, as your phone will prompt an error message that you are not allowed to install apps from unknown service providers. There is a solution to every problem.

In the following steps, we will guide you to install unknown apps on your Android phones

1XBet online gambling site
  • Take your phone and search for the Setting option.
  • Under the Setting option, you will find a section named “Privacy”.
  • Check on the “Allow” of installing apps from unknown sources
  • Now you can successfully download and install 1XBet mobile app from their official website.

What is the advantage of using the mobile app of 1XBet?

1XBet mobile application on your Android phones

When you use a mobile app for your betting, you will experience both variation and functionality at your convenience. Therefore, it is highly considered to install the app of 1XBet on your mobile. Here is a list of advantages you will get after installing mobile version on your smartphone:

  • When you install the application of 1XBet on your smartphone, you can save your balance and win by enabling Touch ID.
  • You can easily watch real-time and live sports on your mobile application. You can find all the offers promotions and the bonus is in the same way as the desktop version.
  • Depositing and withdrawing money in mobile applications is much easier than the desktop version
  • Mobile application is far better than the mobile version as if your browser is overload with website history and catch files it would run slower. This will hamper your winning chances.

System requirements for Android smartphones

  • You can download the mobile application of 1XBet without giving any extra costs or charges.
  • While installing the 1XBet mobile app just check your Android version is 4.1 or higher. The lower version will not support the application.
  • The application size is 85.7 MB which is quite small and easily installed on your device.

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